An abstract pastel drawing of a Quaker meeting. Block print of the phrase I Carry Naloxone. An abstract painting in orange colours. An abstract collage with magazine clippings, rhinestones, and string. Mannequin bust covered suffocatingly in cutouts of print paper. A felt patch of the phrase In Training Please Ask Before Petting Me. A block print of the phrase Trans Lives are Sacred. An abstract painting with collage pieces reading When Sweetly Heart Believing Let Starful Beauty Play. Four canvases with paintings and drawings with quotes from Tom Waits' song Make It Rain. An abstract drawing of a person looking out of the window with quote from Oingo Boingo's song Private Life. A block print of a canine biting its tail with text Ich Muss Zerstoeren. A painting in red and white of a crying person holding a rose with quote from Mozart l'Opéra Rock musical Je Dors Sur Des Roses. Flower covered in pompoms with text The World Can be A Softer Place.