professional stuff

i happen to do work on a professional level sometimes. for most updated employment info, check out my linkedin.

Abstract portrait of a person with red hair, surrounded by colourful shapes.

My bio:

"Constantin (they/them) is an uninvited guest and settler on Coast Salish territories. They are a multimedia artist pondering about topics such as survival, madness, and divergence, based on their experiences with madness, neurodiversity, disability, queerness, and transness. In their spare time, they run around and yell, sometimes for advocacy reasons, sometimes for funsies."

below are some of the projects i've been involved with and can point to.


Gallery Gachet "Beauty of Life In Psychosis" exhibition participant, as part of FOUNDRY's youth group, 2022

Fraser International College (FIC) Art Exhibit "Breaking the Silence: Reflecting on Mental Health" participating artist, with a collage sculpture piece exploring Mental Health Act BC, 2019


Arts Club "LEAP 2020-2021 Cohort: Level 1" selected participant, presenting a short play "And All The Demons Are Here" about midnight conversations about love, generational differences, and communication, 2021

The Frank Theatre "TELLING IT BENT Cohort 2021" selected participant, presenting an piece of a play in progress "WWTFWT" about crisis, multiple perspectives, and madness through AAC, 2021


we were here (we were queer): queer zine by students at sfu/fic editor and published poet, 2021

Veronique West's "Szepty/Whispers" project commisioned poet and narrator, exploring topics of madness and mentall illness and how it is experienced within the family, 2021

speaking and teaching

Arts Club's "Accessibility Teacher Training" invited neurodiversity presenter and instructor, delivering a presentation and practical exercises for inclusion of neurodivergent art students in classrooms and workshops for teachers and instructors, 2021

SFU GNAC Unity Game pregame speaker for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, 2021

Fraser International College (FIC) Speech Conference "Ideas For Change" speaker with "Accessibility Is Not A Dirty Word" presentation, 2018


"How Out on Campus cultivates a safe space for the LGBTQIA2S+ community" by Jasmine Manocha, 2022

"After long drought, students create long-awaited LGBTQ+ space" by Rigo Bacaltos, 2022